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Nord adopts new binaural recording technique for latest grand piano sample

Posted on February 3, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 0 comments

Nord Royal Grand 3D

It may seem a little daft at first but then there is a moment of “that’s brilliant!”...Nord uses a mannequin dummy with two ear-shaped microphones to record the new Royal Grand 3D sample.

Nord has recently added to its, already impressive, library of piano sounds available to download for users of its digital pianos with one of their most innovative samples so far. The Nord Royal Grand 3D was recorded using a binaural technique, making use of a mannequin. Nord says that the dummy’s head was shaped like an average sized human head and equipped with two ear shaped microphones, in order to reproduce how the player would hear it.

The Royal Grand 3D was recorded in an acoustically dampened room where the dummy head was placed in the player's position to capture a natural and authentic experience of actually sitting in front of the piano.

The binaural recording is designed for listening through headphones for the fully immersive experience (closing your eyes is optional, but very much recommended if you know your way around the keys), although a good set of stereo speakers will also sound nothing less than impressive. The Royal Grand 3D is available for download from the Nord website now. Alternatively, to see our range of Nord keyboards and stage pianos click here or visit us in store to try them out for yourself.

Compatibility of the Royal Grand 3D:
Nord Stage 2 EX • Nord Stage 2 • Nord Stage EX • Nord Stage Classic • Nord Electro 5 • Nord Electro 4 • Nord Electro 3 • Nord Piano 3 • Nord Piano 2 • Nord Piano 88

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