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Boss Introduces Powerful Stage Amps - the Acoustic Singer Live and Pro

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Matt Park There have been 2 comment(s)

Boss Acoustic Singer Live and Singer Pro

Not to be overshadowed at the NAMM show, Boss has made a big announcement in the shape of two new stage amps for acoustic performers - The Boss Acoustic Singer Live and Acoustic Singer Pro amps. Both of the new acoustic amps have a huge bundle of onboard features such as acoustic resonance, looping, automatic harmonies, effects, and more.

The Acoustic Singer amp models are tuned for pro-level performance on stage. Boss’ newly designed bi-amped power sections and unique speakers provide punch and dynamics that you might struggle to find in amps in the same price bracket. The Acoustic Singer Pro is equipped with an 8-inch speaker, dome tweeter, and 120 watts of power, while the Acoustic Singer Live is equipped with a 6.5-inch speaker, dome tweeter, and 60 watts of power.

As with many other acoustic performer amps, the Boss Acoustic Singer amplifiers offer independent channels for acoustic guitar and vocal. Both channels feature a discrete analog input circuit and three-band EQ, plus an input pad, anti-feedback control, and dedicated on-board reverb.

Boss acoustic singer pro amp

The guitar channel features Acoustic Resonance processing for restoring natural, woody tone to stage guitars with undersaddle piezo pickups. Two types of classic chorus guitar effects are readily available as well. The vocal channel is equipped with selectable phantom power, plus a dedicated lush delay/echo effect optimised for vocals.

Despite having much of the same feature set as many acoustic amps out there, the Acoustic Singer amps has a bit of a trump card up its sleeve in the shape of a built-in vocal harmony function, which is derived from the popular Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer pedal. It provides real-time harmonies that follow the guitar input, making it easy to achieve impressive vocal sounds automatically. Each Acoustic Singer amp is also equipped with a looper, allowing users to create on-the-fly backing with vocals and guitar.

Boss Acoustic Singer Pro Panel

The Boss Acoustic Singer amps are stage-ready units and as such feature balanced DI outputs for connecting to a PA, plus USB for direct recording to your DAW of choice. There’s also an aux input for playing backing music from a smartphone or tablet, as well as jacks for connecting optional footswitches to control looper, harmony, and effects functions while performing.

UPDATE: These wonderful acoustic amps are now available to order. Follow these links - Boss Acoustic Singer Pro and Boss Acoustic Singer Live.

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2 Responses to Boss Introduces Powerful Stage Amps - the Acoustic Singer Live and Pro

  • I have the boss singer pro, I love it, however I have been having trouble controlling it through my PA system,I get distortion and the clarity gets lost. Any help appreciated, thanks

    Posted on June 23, 2017 at 8:53 am

  • Hi Rick, it's difficult to say where the problem lies without seeing the setup. the amp has dedicated DI outputs that can be switched pre or post effects, and if it sounds good at the amp, it should sound good through the PA, providing all the correct gain staging etc has been done.

    If you are local, you are welcome to pop down and one of the live sound experts here will go through it with you.

    Posted on June 23, 2017 at 5:03 pm