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Posted on November 9, 2010 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Ofcom LogoIn the past, a dedicated range of frequencies (known as Channel 69) have been the home for wireless microphones and In-Ear Monitors (IEM), giving users nationwide access to this broadcasting spectrum for a small license fee. However, due to new services being planned for the future, Ofcom have moved the frequency range available to wireless microphones and IEM users to another part of the spectrum: Channel 38.Ofcom have recently announced that the switchover will occur nationwide on 21/09/2011. In the mean time Channels 39 (614-622MHz) and 40 (622-630MHz) are available on the same Channel 38 Shared Licence until Channel 38 becomes available.

The availability of Channel 38 differs dramatically depending on whether the wireless equipment is being used indoors or outdoors.The availability of Channels 38-40 in your area can be checked online by using the ‘Look Up Tool’ from JMFG. All other necessary license information is also contained on this website.Note: It is required by UK law to be in possession of a licence to legally operate wireless microphones or IEM’s unless you are using the de-regulated spectrum between 863-865MHz (Channel 70).Some wireless mic’s and IEM’s can be retuned to channel 70 (863-865 MHz) without modification. Channel 70 will continue to be free to use and on a licence-exempt basis, but offers no guaranteed protection from interference from services in the same or a nearby frequency. If you do not need to use any more than 3 wireless microphones at one time, then you may want to move to Channel 70. However Ofcom is currently looking at whether there will be an increased risk of harmful interference to wireless microphones using Channel 70 when new mobile services roll out in the 800 MHz band. Ofcom will publish more information on this when this work is complete.

As a guideline if you have purchased a mic from the following manufacturers, these are your options for moving to Channel 38.

AKG – Purchase a new system

Audio-Technica – Upgrade pass: gives you the opportunity to ‘trade in’ any eligible Audio-Technica wireless system you buy between January 1st 2010 and December 31st 2011 in exchange for a brand new equivalent system at a massive discount of 55% off the RRP. Click here for further information.

Sennheiser – Evolution G3 systems and other Sennheiser models can be converted at a cost. Click here for the conversion price list.

Samson – TBC

Shure – Purchase a new system

Trantec – Purchase a new system

Brace Audio & Line 6 digital wireless systems broadcast on 2.4GHz spectrum and therefore are not affected by the switchover (no license required).

For more information and advice on selecting the right wireless mic system/IEM for you, please call us on 01202 597180.

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