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Posted on October 31, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Alesis 3632If you have always wanted to add a hardware compressor to your set-up but have never been able to stretch your budget that far, then the new Alesis 3632 may be just what you have been waiting for! The Alesis 3632 is a stereo compressor/expander/limiter/gate, allowing you to have precise control over all the dynamic aspects of a project, without putting any excessive burden on your computer's CPU.

It features intelligent Knee, Ratio and Gain controls, adjustable attack and release controls, a couple switch for changing between two mono channels and stereo-linked operation, a sidechain send and return for use with an external effects loop, a switchable low-cut filter, gain reduction LEDs, bypass switches on both channels, and more!Plus, the Alesis 3632 costs less than £100 (at the time of release)! Bargain!

For more information on the Alesis 3632 Compressor or to buy one, click the link below:

Alesis 3632 - More Info/Buy

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