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Posted on September 27, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Roland R-26In a month where Roland have announced a host of new products, the first of these bad boys is a new portable recorder, the Roland R-26.Portable recorders are ideal for capturing samples that are just not possible to record inside your studio, (e.g. cars, machinery, nature, etc.), as well as brilliant products for recoding any ideas that pop into your head when you are away from the studio, or for practicing speeches and presentations.

The Roland R-26 features two types of built-in stereo microphones (directional and omnidirectional), a pair of XLR/TRS combo inputs for external mics (with phantom power) and an input for a stereo plug-in powered mic. The Roland R-26 allows you to choose simultaneous combinations of the built-in mics and the external inputs, allowing you to create professional, complex recordings wherever you are. Amazingly, the R-26 supports up to 6 channels of simultaneous recording - more than most of its competitors!

Plus, on top of all this, the Roland R-26 also contains a built-in USB interface, allowing you to use the R-26 as an audio interface with your computer, or to use it as an external storage device. This USB connectivity also makes it extremely easy to transfer your recordings from the R-26 to your computer. Plus, the R-26 also comes bundled with Sonar LE DAW software (PC only).

We've not quite finished yet either! To complement the physical controls, the Roland R-26 also features a touchscreen, allowing you to navigate through the system menus with unrivaled simplicity.

For more information on the Roland R-26 or to buy one, click the link below:

Roland R-26 - More Info/Purchase

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