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Posted on March 21, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Cato LA-based film and television composer Cato uses the Focusrite ISA430 Producer Pack and the ISA828 eight-channel preamp as the front end to his Logic DAW system. It's the quality and clarity of the ISA sound that made him choose a Focusrite front end, as he explains, "My reasons for choosing Focusrite were the excellent reputation and the amazing heritage, the build quality and especially the sound of the legendary ISA circuitry."In his line of work, flexibility of his equipment is key; he needs to be able to get a great sound on whatever he is recording and processing. "It gives both my electronic and acoustic sources a subtle added character and amount of 'analog warmth', without sacrificing precision and clarity. For preamps I think the ISA circuitry creates the perfect path between the various possible sources and the modern DAW."

The ISA circuitry that Cato relies on has remained mostly unchanged since Focusrite's revered Forté console. The range's lineage is still alive today in a number of formats: from the portable ISA One Digital mic preamp to the ISA430 MkII.

Purchase the Focusrite ISA430 MkII Producer Pack

Purchase the ISA828 8 way microphone preamp

Purchase the ISA One mic preamp

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