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Posted on May 8, 2013 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

UAD Version 7Universal Audio make some of the best plug-ins you can buy. Trust us! Their software emulations of classic analogue gear are modelled with such attention to detail that they really have to be heard to be believed. Their plug-ins are so powerful that you need a dedicated Universal Audio processor to run them, available as PCIe cards, 'Satellite' Firewire cards or built into their range of Apollo interfaces.

Now, Universal Audio have announced that they have updated their UAD software to version 7, which introduces new plug-ins and handy new features for owners of their Apollo interfaces...


Firstly, UAD version 7 introduces three hot new plug-ins to the already impressive line-up:

Ocean Way Studio: Record in one of the world's top studios from the comfort of your own home! This unique plug-in allows you to process your track and make it sound as if it were recorded in the legendary Ocean Way studios! It does this by combining room, microphone and source modeling for unbelievably realistic results! Click here for more information on the Ocean Way Studio plug-in from the official Universal Audio website.

•  SPL TwinTube Processor: The hardware version of the TwinTube is renowned for adding a uniquely warm characteristic to vocals and instruments, making them 'pop'! Now you can grab it in an authentic plug-in format! Click here for more information on the SPL TwinTube Processor plug-in from the official Universal Audio website.

Sonnox Oxford Inflator: The Oxford Inflator is a favourite of mastering professionals, allowing you to increase the apparent loudness of your mix without audibly affecting the quality or dynamic range. If you're interested in mastering, this is a must-have! Click here for more information on the Sonnox Oxford Inflator plug-in from the official Universal Audio website.

In addition to these new plug-ins, UAD version 7 also brings more benefits for Apollo interface users. You can now chain two Apollo or Apollo 16 units together to increase your I/O count (please note that at the moment only an Apollo 16 can be combined with a second Apollo 16) and there is a Virtual I/O feature, which allows for realtime UAD processing of virtual instruments and DAW tracks. There is also a new PT Mode, which allows you to easily insert outboard analogue hardware in Pro Tools and the Apollo Console software has been enhanced.

For full details of UAD v7, click here to visit the official Universal Audio website.

For more information on any Universal Audio device, click the links below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

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