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Posted on August 28, 2013 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

The new Novation Launchpad S is a product that has been built for those that like to get creative with their compositions, performances and iPad apps. With its 8 x 8 pad matrix, it works in perfect harmony with Ableton Live (as well as a host of other software such as FL Studio), allowing you to trigger clips, set FX levels, play samples, act as hot-key shortcuts for specific functions and more! Plus, with its super bright design, it's also an impressive visual tool for live performance work.

In this new track, Australian Launchpad-whizz M4SONIC uses his favourite gadget to create a remix of Adrian Lux's 'Damaged'. In fact, he uses no less than 4 Launchpad S' in this video for both performing and creating visual effects! Check it out below!

CLICK HERE to read an interview with M4SONIC and watch one of his amazing live performance videos.

For more information on the Novation Launchpad S, click the link below, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail [email protected].

Novation Launchpad S - More Info/Buy

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