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XLN Audio have released the new and improved Addictive Drums 2. It boasts a new sound engine and dozens more improvements from its previous predecessor. With this version, Addictive Drums 2 gives you the freedom to pick only the kits and add-ons that are right for you. More world-class instruments, more amazing sound shaping features while still maintaining the fast, clean, musician-centric interface that made Addictive Drums successful in the first place.




With this new version of Addictive Drums 2. The software is included with every Add on Pack or bundle. Now you can bypass the kits you won't use by tailoring the exact kit you want without hassle.


Screenshot 2014-05-13 11.01.59



Screenshot 2014-05-13 11.27.46

New Bundle offers lets YOU decide what drums, grooves, and other content you'd like to have in your Addictive Drums 2 system. A perfect way to get into the world of AD2 and also a great way to expand an AD2 system.

Artist Bundle: Lets you chose any 2 ADpaks, 2 MIDIpaks and 2 Kitpiece Paks.

Producer Bundle: Lets you chose any 3 ADpaks, 3 MIDIpaks and 3 Kitpiece Paks.

XXL Studio Bundle: Lets you chose any 6 ADpaks, 6 MIDIpaks and 6 Kitpiece Paks.

ADDICTIVE DRUMS 2 - Fairfax Vol. 1 ADpak


Fairfax Recordings. This Los Angeles studio (formerly known as Sound City) has been the birthplace of so many landmark albums, the discography reads like a "Greatest Hits of Rock!" The fully restored studio is now privately held and cannot be rented by the public, but with this ADpak you can access its incredible drum sounds.


Are you a recording engineer at heart? Do you love diving down to the individual microphone and instrument levels and tweaking everything to perfection? You're going to be very happy when you see all the amazing features on the Edit Page of Addictive Drums 2!

The page contains in-depth controls to let you tweak specific parts of your kit (like the Kick, Snare, or other parts). Here, you'll find things like multi-band EQs, compression, distortion, tape simulation, our brand new Tone Designer and Transient Shaper modules, and much more.



Addictive Drums 2 is more than just great sounding drums in your music. It's also a collection of outstanding rhythms and grooves played by professional drummers. Even if you are an experienced drum programmer, you're sure to find inspiration here. The only thing better than these beats would be hiring a professional drummer, booking a studio, and spending hours recording.

On the page below, you can browse through all of the rhythms to find your inspiration. If you have a specific beat in mind, it's very easy to search your collection using the Grid Search tool. And if you'd like to modify an existing beat to make it uniquely yours, the powerful Beat Transform system makes it easy. And once you find a beat you love, simply drag-and-drop it to your host's timeline. Easy!




For more information on ADDICTIVE DRUMS 2 or any of the expansion packs, click the links below, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail [email protected].

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