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Posted on October 27, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

RP-Distort Distortion Plug-In
Any Rob Papen fans out there? We thought so!

RP-Distort is a whole lot more than just a distortion unit - the distortion unit inside RP-Distort can be combined with an analogue modelled filter, compressor and a widener! These units can be re-ordered and bypassed to taste, meaning that if all you want is (e.g.) a great analogue filter, RP-Distort can offer this! The controls of RP-Distort can be modulated using MIDI sources or by one of the 4 built-in LFOs that can also be tempo-synced to the host appliation.

RP-Distort offers 22 distortion types including a ring modulator and lo-fi and it also features EQ and a noise-gate. In short, RP-Distort is a fantastic FX plug-in that can distort your tracks in various creative ways.

The best news of all is that RP-Distort is free for all Rob Papen customers! So, if you already own a Rob Papen product (BLUE, Predator, RG, SubBoomBass, RP-VERB, RP-Delay, Albino or Punch) then you are eligible to add it to your plug-in collection at no extra cost.

Simply visit the Rob Papen website, log-in to your account, visit the 'My Products' section and request your copy of RP-Distort!

This deal runs until the end of 2011, so even if you don't currently own any of these products and you want to get your hands on RP-Distort, just make sure that you make a Rob Papen purchase and get it registered before 2012 and you will also be able to claim this plug-in for free!

After 2011, RP-Distort will be priced at €49.

Also, if you are an owner of Rob Papen Punch, keep an eye out on the Rob Papen website as a new update is due to be released within the next couple of weeks! However, in the meantime you can download a whole new Punch bank of sounds from Ian Body for free!

To get this free Ian Body soundbank, visit the official Rob Papen website, log-in to your account, select 'Downloads', then select 'Punch' and click on the 'Ian Body bank' under 'Soundsets'.

For more information on any of these Rob Papen products or to buy one, click the relevant link below:

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Rob Papen BLUE - More Info/Buy

Rob Papen Predator - More Info/Buy

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