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Posted on October 21, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Presonus Studio One 2The first major update to PreSonus' Studio One DAW is due to arrive very soon, on 1st November! But what's new? Read on and find out!In my opinion, the most exciting new feature of the Studio One 2 software is integrated Melodyne pitch correction - the industry's leading pitch correction software. You can make all your standard edits alongside all your pitch-corrections, listen to them altogether, and then render everything together in one place once you have completed your project. This is something that no other DAW can currently do!

PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 comes bundled with Melodyne Essential. Studio One Artist 2 and Studio One Producer 2 come with a Melodyne trial version, and all are compatible with Melodyne DNA.

Another major update to PreSonus Studio One 2 is the addition of Event Based Effects. This allows you to apply in-built and VST effects directly to individual clips in a project, rather than to whole tracks, as you had to do in the past.

Studio One's Ampire guitar-amp modeler has also been improved, now featuring a number of new amp models, a new convolution based modeling section and an effects section. Plus, Studio One 2 even allows you to capture your own impulse responses for the high-quality OpenAIR convolution reverb, using the included IR Maker.

PreSonus Studio One 2 also refines common DAW features such as transient detection and groove extraction. In Studio One 2, simply select an audio event and press 'Q' to quantize! Plus, Studio One 2 makes groove extraction as simple as a quick drag-and-drop!

PreSonus now offer three versions of Studio One 2: Artist, Producer and Professional. Studio One Artist is the most simplistic of these versions, giving you all the basic tools for recording and editing audio and MIDI, plus 26 32-bit effect plug-ins and 4 virtual instruments. In addition to these, there is also no limit on track count and plug-in instantiations.

Studio One Producer takes things a little further, packing in all the features of Artist, but adding support for Rewire and AU/VST plugins, MP3 import and export and additional third-party content.

However, if you want the most flexibility, then Studio One 2 Professional is the leading package in PreSonus' excellent DAW range. It takes all the features of Studio One Producer and adds the Project page (an integrated mastering solution), fully licensed Melodyne Essential pitch correction, SoundCloud support, Red Book CD burning, video playback and sync and five more Native Effects plug-ins.

Presonus Studio One 2 will be up on our website and available to buy soon!

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