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Posted on October 7, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

M-Audio Fast Track C600M-Audio have released a new series of audio interfaces, comprising of the Fast Track C400 and the Fast Track C600.These new designs combine an audio interface with a number of immediate controls, a built-in monitor management system and built-in effects. The C-series interfaces are designed to streamline your workflow, whilst also delivering top quality audio.

Both interfaces can deliver audio up to a quality of 24-bit/96 kHz and feature a number of top-panel controls including an innovative assignable 'Multi' button. Using the included software you can program the Multi button to perform a number of specific tasks, allowing you to trigger a different function with each press. For example, you may program the first press to start recording, a second press to stop recording and return to the start of the project a third press to start recoding another take, etc. In fact, you can program the Multi button to perform up to 8 steps, meaning that you can spend less time faffing about with your mouse and computer keyboard and more time getting on with the job at hand.

In fact, the whole design of the new C-series recording interfaces have been really well thought out - the left hand side of the interface deals with all the input controls, and the right hand side deals with all the output controls, allowing you to find the control that you want with extreme ease. Every important control has a dedicated button or knob, including a number of buttons that allow you to quickly switch between pairs of connected studio monitors for quick referencing purposes.

For setting up the perfect headphone mix, C-series interfaces offer reverb and delay on the headphone output, which can be applied with the simple turn of a dial. C-Series interfaces also give you excellent sound quality, with boutique quality converters and high-end convertors, making these interfaces the best sounding M-Audio interfaces ever. Plus, they even come bundled with Pro Tools SE software.

The Fast Track C400 gives you 4-inputs and 6-outputs, and the Fast Track C600 features 6 inputs, 8 outputs and a dual headphone amp.

For more information on any of these products or to buy one, click the relevant link below:

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Fast Track C400 with Pro Tools M-Powered - More Info/Purchase

Fast Track C600 with Pro Tools M-Powered - More Info/Purchase

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