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Posted on September 23, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

Steinberg CMC ControllerWe've got some interesting new products to tell you about this month from Steinberg...Let's start with some brilliant news for Cubase users, with the announcement of the Steinberg CMC series of controllers. The CMC series is the world's first modular controller system, made up of six different models of USB controllers. These controllers can be purchased and used individually, or can be combined together to form a more complete control surface.

The CMC series is made up of the following products:

The CMC-CH: features one touch fader, 16 backlit buttons and a rotary encoder, and contains controls for all channel related Cubase functions, e.g. Mute, Solo, bypass, EQ, sends, inserts, etc!

The CMC-FD: features four high-resolution touch faders for controlling your channel's levels that also double as LED meters.

The CMC-QC: features 8 rotary encoders and 13 backlit buttons for fine control over any effect, EQ or performance parameter in Cubase.

The CMC-PD: features 16 backlit rubber pads and 2 modes, allowing you to create drum grooves and control your favourite DAW functions.

The CMC-TP: features a precision touch-slider with 6 working modes, 17 backlit rubber buttons and assignable functions. This controller can be used to trigger Cubase's transport controls, including Stop, Play, Reocrd, Loop, Scroll, etc.

The CMC-AI: features 10 backlit rubber buttons and Steinberg's AI knob - simply hover your mouse over any feature within Cubase and the AI knob will magically take control of it!

Unfortunately, these controllers only work with Cubase, so users of other DAWs will be left disappointed, but still, what an exciting range of products! We love the fact that you can gradually build up your perfect controller bit-by-bit! It beats having to wait months to save up thousands of pounds for an-in-one controller! Plus, they all come with a copy of Cubase AI6, so you don't even need to already own a DAW to get going with them.

Now, onto Steinberg's new range of sleek UR interfaces...

The first interface in this range is the UR28M, a desktop style USB audio interface, offering 2 high quality Mic/Line/Instrument inputs, 2 dedicated line inputs and 6 line outputs, plus S/PDIF In and Out and 2 headphone outputs. On top of this you get DSP technology with REV-X reverb, a number of controller dials and buttons and Cubase AI6! Plus, it looks brilliant!

The second new Steinberg interface is called the UR824. This is a 1U rack-mountable USB 2.0 interface aimed more at the professional studio. It features 8 combo analogue inputs, 8 balanced analogue outputs, two sets of ADAT optical I/O, MIDI, DSP processing with REV-X reverb, Cubase AI6 and much more!

For more information on any of these products or to buy one, click the relevant link below:

Steinberg UR28M - More Info/Purchase

Steinberg UR824 - More Info/Purchase

Steinberg CMC-CH - More Info/Purchase

Steinberg CMC-FD - More Info/Purchase

Steinberg CMC-QC - More Info/Purchase

Steinberg CMC-PD - More Info/Purchase

Steinberg CMC-TP - More Info/Purchase

Steinberg CMC-AI - More Info/Purchase

Plus, there are even some cool little frames to neatly organise your CMC modules:

CMC Frame (Fits 4 modules) - More Info/Purchase

CMC Frame (Fits 2 modules + CC121 interface) - More Info/Purchase

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