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Posted on April 1, 2011 by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments

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Get ready for a MASSIVE April offer...

For April ONLY, customers who buy Ableton Suite 8 (including EDU versions and upgrades from Live Lite and Live Intro) will get Max for Live, worth £229.99, for FREE. How will this work? A Max for Live serial will automatically be added to the account of any customer who purchases during April...

Who is Eligible ?...

• Any customer who buys Suite 8 or a Suite 8 Upgrade from Live Lite/Intro will automatically get Max for Live for free. This offer is also valid for EDU customers.
• Customers who upgrade to Ableton Suite 8 from previous versions of Live or Suite will receive a 50% discount on Max for Live. (A 50% off coupon will be emailed to you automatically).
• Customers who already own Ableton Suite 8 will get a 30% discount on Max for Live.

What Is Max For Live?

Have you ever used Max/MSP before? If you have, then it's like similar to this, but for Ableton Live! If you haven't, then Max for Live is a tool kit for building new devices for Ableton Live. It essentially gives you an unlimited scope to customise and build your own devices, instruments, and effects for use with Ableton Live in your productions and live performances. What's more is that by owning Max for Live, you immediately become part of an inspired community where you can share your creations, and download other peoples unique creations for use in your own work!

Max for Live comes with over 100 ready-made devices including envelopes, LFOs, randomisers, step sequencers, and multi-channel routing devices, saving you time when making your own creations, and everything links together visually (in a similar way to Reaktor). Click here to go to the Max for Live website if you want to see a video of Max for Live in action...

And if you feel daunted by the task of creating your own devices? Don't worry, as Max for Live comes with a host of tutorials to get you on your way. Max for Live is extremely powerful, allowing you to create instruments and effects that only you own, and it WILL take your sets to the next level... this is an offer not to be missed...

Purchase Ableton Live 8 Suite

Purchase Ableton Live 8 Suite (Educational)

Purchase Ableton Live 8 Suite Upgrade from Live Lite/Live APC

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