Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios REDD Microphone

Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios REDD Microphone

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The Chandler REDD microphones combines the best of vintage designs with modern sensibilities.

  • Chandler Limited EMI Abbey Road Studios REDD Microphone

    The Chandler REDD microphones combines the best of vintage designs with modern sensibilities.

    Main Features

    • Combines microphone and preamp in 1 elegant device
    • Onboard vacuum tube REDD.47 mic amplifier circuit
    • Use it with or without an external mic preamp
    • Rotary switch lets you dial in gain between +4 and +33dB
    • Drive setting increased gain to +36dB, introducing tasty tonal coloration
    • 10dB pad and polarity reverse switches
    • Includes outboard power supply, high-quality spider-type shockmount, 25-foot Mogami mic cable and custom-moulded flight case
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    Continuing in the rich tradition of innovation at EMI, dating back to the early 1930s with Alan Blumlein, the father of 'Stereo', the company's first coil microphones, velocity 'ribbon' mics and the 'Blumlein pair' technique, Chandler Limited and Abbey Road Studios introduce the first new EMI badged microphone in over a half century, the 'REDD Microphone'.

    Designed by Chandler Limited Founder and Chief Designer, Wade Goeke, the patent pending REDD Microphone represents a shift in traditional microphone design, bringing together historic circuitry and the heralded EMI REDD.47 preamplifier sound in a new and unique way.

    Visually, the aesthetic is unmistakably classic, an ode to a gilded age of audio. However, the REDD Microphone is not a U-Type clone or derivative of any other microphone.

    The Chandler Limited REDD Microphone is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone, combining mic and preamp into a single, beautifully handcrafted professional recording device. Featuring the vacuum tube based REDD.47 Mic Amplifier circuit directly coupled to a custom handmade premium platinum membrane capsule, the REDD Microphone can be used with or without an external preamplifier.

    This new and unique microphone design, fusing the mic capsule to the historic REDD.47 line amplifier circuit, provides the shortest possible distance between the two most important elements in the recording chain.

    The proximity of the REDD Microphone's custom capsule to the internal tube mic preamp, allows it to deliver a larger than life full-bodied sound, with a velvety smooth top-end.

    Rigorously tested at Abbey Road Studios on a variety of sources and against some of the most famous and classic microphones in recording industry history, the REDD microphone excelled.

    Abbey Road's former Chief Engineer, Peter Cobbin-

    'During the development I have had the opportunity to road test this mic on the best of acoustic applications. Abbey Road has one hell of a mic collection and by making comparisons to other legendary and vintage microphones has given us a serious benchmark to work to.

    Typically for recording an artist like Sting I would use 3 classic microphones and choose the best. For recording rare Stradivarius cellos worth millions I would reach for something really special. On almost every application from acoustic guitars, hand percussion, vocal artists to full symphonic orchestras, in my comparative testing The REDD mic shines above them all.'

    The Chandler Limited REDD Microphone was designed to handle a variety of source material, including: vocals, strings, piano, drums, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars.

    Features available from the microphone body, include: REDD.47 Mic Amplifier, providing nine gain selections, from +4 to +33db in the 'NORM' position, extended gain and punch in 'DRIVE' mode for more tonal and coloration possibilities, switchable Cardioid/Omni patterns, 10db Pad, and Phase reverse. Continuous output and low-contour control are accessible from the high-quality external power supply.

    Shockmount, 25' Mogami microphone cable, PSU, and custom moulded flight case, featuring high-density rigid foam, are included.

    Abbey Road Studios, EMI, REDD and their associated logos are trademarks of EMI (IP) Limited.

    Redd Microphone Technical Specifications

    Microphone Type: Large Diaphragm Condenser, Tube
    Capsule: Platinum membrane, custom handmade, hand-milled
    Circuit: REDD.47 Mic Amplifier, Tube, 200Ω output impedance
    Gain: Switchable / +4 to +33db in 'NORM' mode
    Maximum gain: Extended gain in 'DRIVE' mode
    Patterns: Cardioid / Omni
    PAD: 10db / Switchable
    Phase: 0-180 degrees / Switchable
    Low-Contour Control: Available at PSU
    Output Control: Continuous / Available at PSU
    Power: External/PSU included
    Microphone Cable: 7 Pin, 25' Mogami, included
    Shockmount: Included
    Case: Moulded flight case / custom cut high-density rigid foam, included

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