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  • Compression With Benefits

    Powerful under the hood and beautiful on the surface, Epoch is more than a simple compression plugin. Epoch transcends dynamics, giving you the ability to manipulate and create sounds with comb filtering via a fractional delay affecting tonal coloration, while 360° phase rotation provides ultra-precise tuning. Unlike anything else on the market, Epoch is compression reimagined.

    Mastering, Mixing Capable

    Conceived for the demanding mastering environment, Epoch also has extended control ranges for creative mixing. Epoch's highly musical compression is ideal for instrument tracks, submixes and full program material. Epoch's exceptional power and silky character won it a 2014 Computer Music Magazine Innovation Award and has made it a favorite of producers and engineers across the globe. 

    Epoch Dynamic Comb Filter is a unique alternative to traditional dynamics processes such as compression. While comparing favorably with classic analog compressors, Epoch also takes advantage of modern DSP, resulting in a powerful tool that excels in both sonics and ease of use.

    Reimagine Compression

    In addition to performing traditional dynamics tasks, Epoch introduces a new approach to compression by affecting the tonal character of a signal in relation to amplitude. The end result is that when Epoch compresses, it can simultaneously alter tone. 


    Comb Filter Section:

    • Bi-Directional Sub-Sample Delay 
    • 360° Phase Rotator

    Dynamics Section:

    • Feed-Forward and Feed-Back Detection Circuits
    • Transient Sensitivity with Lookahead 
    • Optical Detector Type Behaviour 
    • Program Dependent Release 
    • High Quality Oversampling 
    • Gate/Expander Function
    • External Side Chaining


    • Undo/Redo with Unlimited History 
    • Four Persistent Memory Banks 
    • Double Precision Signal Path 
    • Parallel Processing
    • Secret Sauce

    System Requirements


    • Operating System: OS X 10.5 or newer
    • CPU: Intel Core-Duo or better
    • Host DAW: Any VST2.4, VST3, or Audio Unit compatible host


    • Operating System: Windows XP or newer
    • CPU: Intel Core-Duo or better
    • Host DAW: Any VST2.4 or VST3 compatible host


    • Native OSX Platforms
    • Native PC Platforms

    Latest Version:

    • 1.0.1

    Operating System:

    • OSX
    • PC


    • 32bit
    • 64bit

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