Celemony Melodyne 4 Editor, Upgrade from Melodyne Uno or Plugin, Serial Download

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Celemony's Melodyne 4 Editor offers key Melodyne features for use single tracks and lacks the new Sound Editor function.

  • Celemony Melodyne 4 Editor, Upgrade from Melodyne Uno or Plugin, Serial Download

    Celemony's Melodyne 4 Editor offers key Melodyne features for use single tracks and lacks the new Sound Editor function.

    Main Features

    • Single-track audio editing environment
    • Monophonic, polyphonic and rhythmic/complex audio editing
    • DNA gives direct access to individual notes within chords
    • Work in standalone mode, as a plug-in or via ReWire
    • New tempo detection algorithms
    • Time stretching for entire mixes
    • Upgrade version for owners of Melodyne Uno or Plugin
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    This is an upgrade version for registered owners of Melodyne Uno or Plugin only.

    Melodyne 4 editor
    The single-track Melodyne. Celemony's Melodyne 4 Editor offers you all the key Melodyne functions for the correction and creative editing of individual tracks. Including DNA Direct Note Access for polyphonic audio and ultra-precise tempo-detection and -editing. The Sound Editor and Multitrack Note Editing are not included in Editior 4.

    Melodyne is a software application for OS X or Windows with which you can edit audio in a more musical way than was ever thought possible. In Melodyne, you work with notes – and not with a meaningless wave form. You don't just see where the music gets louder or quieter but also where notes begin and end and at what pitch they lie.

    You can modify each note and thereby influence directly the intonation, phrasing and dynamics – and do this not only with vocals and monophonic instruments but with polyphonic instruments such as pianos and guitars as well.

    Working with Melodyne is like being able to say to a vocalist 'sing this note a bit longer' or to a pianist 'give slightly less weight to the third in this chord' – hours, weeks, even years after the recording session.

    Fantastic Possibilities
    Melodyne rescues, helps, optimises and inspires. You'll never want to work with audio any other way.

    If a good take is spoiled by small errors, you don't have to throw it away, because with Melodyne you can simply repair it. Regardless whether they're intonation or timing errors, notes that are too loud or too quiet, with too much vibrato or too little.

    You can optimise the tiniest details or your recordings, bringing them as close to perfection as you desire. And since Melodyne works in a highly musical way, neither the vitality nor the naturalness of the performance is sacrificed in the process.

    Furthermore, the unbelievable flexibility of audio in Melodyne can be the launching pad for your boldest ideas. Notes, phrases, rhythms and noises in Melodyne become raw material that you can stretch, reshape, layer and transform – virtually at will. If a thing is conceivable, there's a good chance that with Melodyne you can also make it reality.

    Perfectly Integrated
    Whatever your system or workflow, Melodyne fits right in. As a plug-in, Melodyne can be effortlessly integrated into your projects. Melodyne supports the VST, AU, RTAS and AAX plug-in interfaces and combines seamlessly with all important DAWs.

    One particularly user-friendly form of integration takes advantage of Celemony's ARA Audio Random Access technology, which allows better communication between the plug-in and the DAW and is currently supported by Presonus Studio One, Cakewalk Sonar and Tracktion. Melodyne can also run as a stand-alone application, linked to your DAW via Rewire if required.

    Why Melodyne Is Better
    That Melodyne sounds so good and is so simple to use is based on two things. The less important is the technology. The decisive factor is its understanding of the music. Melodyne identifies the notes and the relationships between them. It is only as a result of this knowledge that Melodyne's algorithms are able to 'think' and operate in such a musical way. The benefits to you as a musician and producer include the famously superior sound of Melodyne and many other advantages that software lacking this understanding of musical contexts is incapable of offering.

    New in Melodyne 4 Editor

    New Tempo Intelligence
    Melodyne 4's new tempo algorithms detect tempos, time signatures and any changes in tempo more accurately than ever before.

    Melodyne 4 tracks precisely the tempo of a live recording, with all its human inconstancy. The ensuing click keeps time with the musicians, not the other way around. And still, you enjoy all the practical benefits of a beat-based grid when working in your DAW. Furthermore, you can curb excessive wandering in tempo without ironing-out the minor fluctuations that lend charm to a live performance. You can also synchronise recordings with quite different tempos or variations in tempo.

    Melodyne 4 makes working with tempo dead simple, letting you work with greater freedom, in new ways.

    Better Note Detection
    Melodyne 4 now offers two algorithms optimised for polyphonic recordings. Depending upon the audio material, Melodyne employs either the Polyphonic Sustain (strings, organs…) or Polyphonic Decay (pianos, guitars…) Algorithm to obtain optimal sound quality in each case. Moreover, you can edit the note detection in far greater detail and therefore manage complex material still more effectively, so you can work even more closely and precisely on your music and obtain still higher sound quality from your editing.

    Time-Stretching For Entire Mixes
    The Universal Algorithm in Melodyne is ideally suited to the time-stretching and pitch-shifting of entire mixes. The algorithm also delivers outstanding results with polyphonic material provided no access to individual notes is required. With its exceptional sound quality and modest CPU demands, 'Universal' is an invaluable addition to Melodyne's array of algorithms.

    More Elegant, User-Friendly And Modern
    Melodyne 4 is easier to use and accelerates your workflow. With its variably configurable, single-window interface, you can adapt Melodyne perfectly to your own preferences and working requirements. What's more, the new browsers and inspectors afford a better overview and direct access to all important parameters. Beneath the surface, state-of-the-art software technology is at work – optimised for the latest operating systems, fully compati- ble with both 32- and 64-bit environments.

    Dynamic Just Intonation
    Melodyne 4's just intonation adds transparency and penetration to the sound. Whether you're working on an orchestral, choral or synthesizer recording, you'll find justly tuned chords sound smoother and more powerful. Give your production the benefit of this unique acoustic impression.

    Many More Keyboard Shortcuts
    Freely assignable keyboard shortcuts let you control Melodyne 4 exactly as you wish.
    In stand-alone mode and now finally in the plug-in implemen- tation. So you can work more easily at a far swifter tempo resulting in an enormous gain in efficiency.

    System Requirements
    For Melodyne 4 essential, assistant, editor and studio.

    OS X: Intel Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), OS X 10.6.8 and 10.9.5 or later

    Windows: Intel or AMD Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), Windows 7 or later (64-bit recommended), ASIO-compatible audio hardware

    DAW Compatibility
    Melodyne 4 is tested regularly with the latest versions of major DAWs and is compatible in plug-in mode with (among others):

    • Avid Pro Tools
    • Steinberg Cubase
    • Ableton Live
    • Presonus Studio One
    • Apple Logic Pro
    • Steinberg Nuendo
    • Cakewalk Sonar
    • MOTU Digital Performer

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