McPherson acoustic guitars , " never heard of them " you might be saying to yourself , and thats very likely unless you follow USA acoustic guitar makers in which case you will have most certainly heard of McPherson Acoustic Guitars and be aware of their high reputation amongst acoustic players .
So where do we begin……we need to go back in time over 30 years ago to a time when the McPherson family had a desire to produce what they considered to be the finest acoustic guitar they could hand make with careful attention to design ,woods and craftmanship . The challenge was immense, but it was one McPherson were eager to accept . McPherson acoustics have several technical build features that place them apart from their competitors ,so lets look at a few of those innovations that can be found today on one of their fine acoustic guitars.

The most obvious innovation is the relocation of the all important sound hole which is no longer in the centre of the soundboard but has been offset to the side of the sound board to give a fuller tone as the centre is regarded by many players as being the " Sweet Spot" and by cutting a hole in that Sweet Spot the overall tone is not as full as it could be .
The neck is not glued to the top of the sound board as in most acoustics but is like an arch top acoustic featuring a McPherson designed cantilevered neck that hangs over the sound board and in that way does not inhibit the natural vibration and resonance of the sound board.
Internally the bracing is a clever McPherson design whereby the internal braces are not touching each other and restricting the resonance and movement of the body wood being used.
The neck itself features a unidirectional carbon fiber truss rod that never requires any adjustment as it holds the neck stable in all climate conditions.
Each McPherson Acoustic is built with the Buzz Feiten intonation system
The gloss finish is an IC & S UV finish which is An extremely durable clear finish which retains tonal integrity of the wood while protecting the guitar from harmful elements .
Each McPherson is supplied with a bone nut and three custom made bone saddles to accommodate low ,medium and tall playing actions .
Fitted with an LR Baggs McPherson 3 volt element pre amp pickup system and supplied to potential owners in an Ameritage hard case that features its own built in humidification system .
With over 150 artist endoresees McPherson is fast becoming "the " talked about acoustic guitar .
Many of the unique features mentioned above would suggest that McPherson Acoustic have" reinvented the wheel ".