Beat Kangz Beat Thang Mobile Music Production Studio  (As New)

Beat Kangz Beat Thang Mobile Music Production Studio (As New)

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Beat Thang is a professional music production studio that gives you everything you need to make pro beats in one compact box, making it ideal for both studio work and producing on-the-go. Beat Thang makes producing songs quick and intuitive as it's powerful but not over-complicated. Beat Thang has been developed by musicians so it works the way that you want it to and it's packed with a wealth of pro-quality, ready-to-use sounds.

  • Beat Kangz Beat Thang Mobile Music Production Studio (As New)

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    Beat Thang is a professional music production studio that gives you everything you need to make pro beats in one compact box, making it ideal for both studio work and producing on-the-go. Beat Thang makes producing songs quick and intuitive as it's powerful but not over-complicated. Beat Thang has been developed by musicians so it works the way that you want it to and it's packed with a wealth of pro-quality, ready-to-use sounds.

    Main Features

    • Packed with ultra high-quality sounds, created and engineered by the pros
    • Fully editable samples with clear waveform view
    • 16 tracks with playable mute and solo functions
    • 16 layers of velocity sensitivity per pad for emotive performance
    • On board effects and mastering
    • Export or import.wav or .aiff files
    • Integrates with most DAWs with the included Beat Thang Virtual software
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    Create and Experience Music Wherever You Are
    The Beat Thang Mobile Music Production Studio comes with everything you need to make your own original Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Dubstep, Industrial or Electronic music productions.

    Loaded with over 3,000 original, professionally mastered sounds, a sampler with waveform editing, built-in effects, chromatic keypads, and a fully portable rugged design, the Beat Thang simplifies professional music production down to its core by providing you with all the tools you need to make high-quality, radio-ready, club-friendly music right out of the box.

    Developed by musicians for musicians, the Beat Thang reimagines the production experience in a way that lets any music enthusiast, beginner or pro, make music the way its meant to be made - in the moment. Everything about the Beat Thang interface has been streamlined, saving you valuable time while never compromising on features or functionality.

    Create original songs in a matter of minutes with access to the sounds that the world's top producers have been using and keeping secret for years. Use the Beat Thang's sampler to record your own sounds, or import your own sample library to increase the size of your musical toolbox. Integrate the Beat Thang into your professional studio setup or digital audio workstation with Beat Thang Virtual companion software. Use the hardware as a controller for Beat Thang Virtual, as a standalone device, or unplug and take your fully portable Beat Thang into the streets where inspiration really happens.

    Never before have musicians been offered so many ways to produce professional music with one device. If you're a veteran, the Beat Thang has the versatility and uncompromising quality you demand. If you're new to the game, the Beat Thang offers unprecedented ease of use and portability.

    The playing field is officially leveled. The Beat Thang is here.

    Get the Sounds the Pros Use
    Great music starts with great sounds. With the Beat Thang - you start with the same sound quality that multi-platinum producers like Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri,, and Paul Oakenfold use to make their hits.

    Beat Thang founders, the Beat Kangz, meticulously recorded, edited, tweaked, and mastered hours of original music to give you over 3,000 radio ready sounds all included with the Beat Thang. In this versatile and dynamic library, you'll find hundreds of original drums, live basses, striking strings, horns and keys, out of this world synths and effects and exotic world instruments like tablas, sitars, kotos, djembes, and more.

    Every step possible was taken to ensure that you feel the sounds from the minute you play the Beat Thang. You'll find real funk guitars and chops recorded by Motown artists, keyboard licks by Grammy-winning players and top session musicians, even beatbox samples by a world champion beat-boxer. Each sound offers the warmth and character that professionals demand, and that will help your music stand out.

    'As a producer - your sound is who you are. Its how you express your emotions. Sound is everything.' These are the words of none other than Dallas Austin, the two-time Grammy-winning producer who has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, TLC, Boyz II Men, Pink, Fishbone and many other legends and icons.

    'These sounds were made over a long time. It's the type of thing we generally don't give up in this industry,' Austin says.

    When you sit down to write you get the benefit of all of those years of work. Sounds crafted by the best session players, recorded through a menagerie of premium microphones and pre-amps, mixed and mastered by the best engineers - it's the sort of thing that makes a difference. Just strike the pads to be inspired by one of the most exciting sound libraries released in years.

    Or Make Your Own Sounds
    The Beat Kangz did the sound design heavy lifting for you, so you're starting with top notch, professional samples as a base. But what fun is it to just play with the presets? You're an innovator. You want to create and design your own sounds and kits. Go for it.

    The Beat Thang allows you to tweak and edit just about every parameter you could imagine on each sample. And if that isn't enough you can layer up to 16 samples per pad. Add effects. Now reverse the third layer.

    Of course, if you're a professional producer, you've spent wads of cash amassing your own sample library. Well, go ahead, and drag those samples into the Beat Thang by connecting your external hard drive to one of the USB ports.

    Or better yet, dig into the crates and pull out Dad's collection of Bavarian drinking songs on vinyl. In fact, you can sample from just about any sound source - even the Internet. The Beat Thang's sampler includes on screen waveform editing and autochop, so creating your own sounds is easier than ever.

    Make Music Wherever You're Inspired
    From the studio to the stage - the park to the plane - the Beat Thang let's you make music wherever inspiration strikes.

    With a 3-4 hour rechargeable lithium ion battery, illumination of every button and key, and a vivid 3.5 inch full colour LCD screen, the world's first mobile music production system is as versatile as you are - equally 'at home' in the dimly lit club or on the plane or in the studio. No longer do you have to wait until you 'get back' to capture your ideas and arrangements. Just record those flashes of brilliance the moment they arrive.

    And with a fully functional built in mixer and effects rack, you have everything you need to add depth and polish to your music, all in one portable device.

    Create and finish your songs on the Beat Thang, and then quickly export them to an SD card or save them to your computer, flash drive or external drive via USB. When you're ready to share your music with a client, a friend or your fans, or when it's time to load your work into another session, your Beat Thang is easy to use - easy to share -no matter where you go.

    Perform with Confidence
    Beat Thang is the ultimate live performance tool. The familiarity of a chromatic keyboard pad layout means you have complete control of where you want to take your audience.

    The Beat Thang's 16 internal and external tracks with independent bar length, and intuitive built-in mixer let you layer track after track. Mute and solo individual tracks or individual pads to add variety to your arrangements. Use the roll and hold buttons to quickly add drum rolls or sustain notes in your drum and instrument performances.

    The Beat Thang offers real-time looping and virtually no load times, so you can change kits, sounds, instruments, and effects on the fly. Construct and build arrangements in just seconds, and then perform and share them just as fast.

    Over 60 on-board effects come pre-loaded in the Beat Thang. Phasers, flangers, hi-and low pass filters, compressors, reverbs, and delays, plus chopped, screwed, and freak are just a few clicks away. And when you're ready to really refine your track, you can tweak nearly every parameter, and save them as presets. Design your own reverbs, delays, and more. Then trigger your effects in real time with the press of a single button.

    With our patent pending side-mounted pitch shift and modulation wheels, you can add soulful bends or wahs to your instrument solos or you can pitch shift the snare drum in real time. Go ahead. It's your Thang.

    With the Beat Thang, your live performance possibilities are truly limitless.

    Skip the Frustration and Spend More Time Making Music
    Years of work went into making the Beat Thang the easiest, most efficient and most powerful music production device ever created. Beginners and seasoned professionals alike will enjoy the straightforward approach. When they designed the Beat Thang, Beat Kangz 'unlearned' a lot of the rules about how sophisticated music production equipment works, and added workflow improvements that veterans will appreciate.

    Beat Thang's interface is surprisingly uncomplicated, as nearly every function has its own button or pad. Forget about all of the complex submenus and function button keystrokes that you'll find on so many other devices. Even if you've never produced music before, you can build a track from scratch in seconds, and if your rhythm is a little off, the auto-quantize feature snaps you back into perfect time. New songs can be started quickly, and can be tweaked on the fly while the music keeps playing, with virtually no load times as you add and layer new kits and instruments.

    Professionally Integrate with Ease
    The Beat Thang may be the most intuitive beatmaking and production studio ever developed, but don't confuse easy with unsophisticated.

    In the brief time since its launch, the Beat Thang and Beat Thang Virtual have been endorsed and embraced by some of the biggest artists and producers in music, including Dallas Austin, Bob Ezrin,, Paul Oakenfold, Rockwilder and Jim Jonsin.

    Beat Thang offers the features and connectivity you'll need for any studio setting. Connect with MIDI Controllers, keyboards, sound modules, external hard drives and more using either USB type A or B as well as MIDI in/out. Quickly load or export samples, songs and more through flash drives or SD cards using the USB slots or one of the two separate 32GB SD Card slots. Enjoy the convenience of two headphone jacks for collaborating on your songs or sharing your music with friends.

    With a combo Mic/Line input you can sample guitars, basses, or turntables as well as both dynamic and phantom powered condenser microphones. Balanced stereo outputs, a separate Mic gain control knob and an iLock jack round out the back panel.

    Additionally, Beat Thang works seamlessly with Beat Thang Virtual application (Mac and PC compatible), so transferring samples and projects is a breeze. Beat Thang Virtual also offers AU and VST support in Logic, Live, and many more host DAWs.

    Beat Thang Virtual: Powerful, Practical, Versatile
    Included with Beat Thang is a copy of Beat Thang Virtual, the uncompromising software companion product that brings the power of the Beat Thang to your Mac or PC.

    Beat Thang Virtual offers the same incredible features and no-hassle workflow as the Beat Thang - you'll find it amazingly easy to just open it up and start making music. You can still start new songs in just seconds, and finish songs in minutes.

    Using nothing other than your computer keyboard and mouse, you can unlock all the power of the Beat Thang. Writing songs, sampling, mixing, building your own kits and instruments, and unlocking the over 3,000 original sounds. Beat Thang and Beat Thang Virtual also work wonderfully in tandem. You can seamlessly share files between the two, move sounds and samples, patterns, and more. Beat Thang also works as a controller for the Beat Thang Virtual.

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