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Main Features

  • Perpetual version of Pro Tools
  • Includes access to all new releases and ExpertPlus support for one year

Pro Tools Perpetual License NEW (Download) with 1-year software updates + support plan iLok account required to run Pro Tools (iLok USB key optional)

Avid Pro Tools redefined the music, film and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit and mix audio. Create great sounding music and soundtracks faster and more easily and use the tools trusted by the worlds' best selling artists, producers, mixers and remixers. Tackle the most demanding sessions that require the utmost in sound quality and mix big with unparalleled power, premium performance and sound. Work with the Worlds' most advanced features and workflows and get the sound you want. Create the best music possible with the DAW that has created some of the greatest mixes ever produced.

Play And Share Sessions Easily With Track Commit
Processor-hungry virtual instruments can impact system performance with plug-in heavy mixes. And collaboration or project delivery to a client may require that you all have the same plug-ins used in the session. But no more. With Track-Commit - a powerful and flexible precursor to the full Track Freeze workflow coming soon - you can render/flatten tracks to free up processing power and plug-in requirements. With tons of options that simplify the process for you.

Position Clips More Precisely With Clip Transparency
If you're a sound editor or designer, precision and speed are paramount when it comes to aligning and editing clips. With Pro Tools 12.3, clips now take on a translucent appearance whenever you move and overlap one over another, giving you better visual clarity of their context. This enables you to align the waveforms of a new clip to the visual cues of an existing one's waveform with much better precision and ease.

Save Time With Batch Fades
Fading tracks is one of the fundamentals of audio mixing. But it can be tedious and time consuming when editing thousands of audio clips. With new fade enhancements, you can speed through repetitious tasks and gain more time to focus on the creative aspects of your mix. Create presets for fade ins, fade outs, crossfades nd batch fades. Recall presets directly from you keyboard or control surface. And control fade settings independently when working with batch fades.

Experience Power, Performance And Versatility
With Pro Tools, you get even more pro-level features and capabilities you need to quickly create and deliver professional quality music and audio mixes. Get unrivalled processing power to create without bounds. Record more easily with input monitoring. Mix smarter with VCA masters and extended metering. Get smoother performance and highly responsive recording and playback with the extended Disc Cache. And with the Avid video engine, you can play HD video right in the Pro Tools timeline.

Get Everything You Need
With Pro Tools, you get access to the same tools the pros use to create your favourite albums and film/TV soundtracks. Record and mix huge sessions with the highest production values. Compose music with virtual instruments, MIDI tools and a built in score-editor. Improve and polish tracks with access to over 75 effects, sound processing and utility plug-ins. And turnaround projects faster with unmatched mixing automation.

Access Upgrades
This Pro Tools license now comes with an even better upgrade plan. Not only do you get access to all new Pro Tools releases but also to an amazing bonus collection of high quality effects and sound processing plug-ins.

What's Included

Virtual instruments:
Boom—drum machine and sequencer
DB-33—tonewheel organ with rotating speaker
Mini Grand—acoustic grand piano
Structure Free—sample player
Vacuum—monophonic tube synth
Xpand!2—synth and sample workstation

Over 60 effects, sound processing, and utility plug-ins, including:
AIR effects—high-quality reverb, delay, flange, and other effects
Avid Channel Strip—System 5 EQ and compression modeller
BF 76—1176 compressor emulation
D-Verb™—professional-grade reverb and ambience processing
Eleven® Lite—guitar amp and effects emulator
EQ III and Dynamics III—high-quality EQ and compressors/limiters
Maxim™—peak limiter and mastering

System Requirements
• Avid-qualified Mac or PC

For complete system requirements and compatibility info, visit avid.com/ProToolsSoftware.


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