AVID Pro Tools 1Y software Updates+Support Plan RENEWAL (Download)

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Main Features

  • 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan for Pro Tools
  • Includes access to all new releases and ExpertPlus support for one year

Pro Tools 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan RENEWAL for Perpetual Licenses before your active plan ends Valid Upgrade Plan needs to be in place to renew, iLok account required to run Pro Tools (iLok USB key optional)

The Pro Tools 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan RENEWAL is a cost effective way to ensure your Pro Tools software is up to date as well as ensuring you have access to technical support from Avid's expert team.

The Pro Tool 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan RENEWAL offers the following:

Free of charge upgrades for 12 months
Unlimited web support (24 hr response)
One phone support case per month

Experience Power, Performance, And Versatility
With Pro Tools, you get the features and capabilities you need to quickly create and deliver professional-quality music and audio mixes. Get unrivalled processing power to create without bounds. Add epic numbers of virtual instruments and effects to produce bigger, richer sounding, and more complex mixes. And with the Avid Video Engine, you can play and edit HD video right in the Pro Tools timeline.

Connect And Collaborate In The Cloud
Make the world your studio and get the talent you need to create your best work.
With the upcoming Avid Cloud Collaboration features, you'll be able to make valuable connections right in Pro Tools that can open doors to collaborate with other Pro Tools artists, musicians, engineers, mixers, and producers—anywhere in the world—as if you're all in the same room together.

Get Your Work Heard By The Right People
The Avid Marketplace will be opening up soon for business, providing an extensive community and creative outlet that enables you to connect with media professionals in audio, film, television, and broadcast to sell and license your music and audio work. Earn the recognition—and the payment—you've worked hard to achieve, right in Pro Tools.

Manage And Track Your Assets
Avid wll be introducing a new open, universal metadata schema into Pro Tools that will help you manage, track, and document every asset and project you create. This will enable media creators and distributors to keep track of everyone who creatively contributes, making it easy to document who did what, when, and where: manage and control versioning: and provide accurate credit information so you have a better chance of getting paid for your work—and getting hired for future projects.

Stay Current, Stay Ahead
All Pro Tools purchases, upgrades, and subscriptions now come with an Avid upgrade and support plan that ensures you always have the latest features at your fingertips, which will be delivered right from the cloud. This includes all future software updates and upgrades (as long as your plan is active), including the upcoming new cloud collaboration features, as well as 24x7 access to their Customer Care team of experts to get help and advice whenever, wherever, and however you need it.

Please note that you will not be able to use Pro Tools after the 12 month subscription has expired. To continue with with subscription, you will need to either pay monthly or purchase another 12 months subscription plan.


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