Apogee Duet and sE2200A II Recording Bundle

Apogee Duet and sE2200A II Recording Bundle

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Complete recording bundle including an Apogee Duet and sE Electronics condenser microphone.

  • * SPECIAL OFFER * Apogee Duet and sE2200A II Recording Bundle

    Complete recording bundle including an Apogee Duet and sE Electronics condenser microphone.

    Main Features

    • High quality USB interface
    • Multi-pattern condenser microphone plus pop filter
    • Portable vocal booth
    • Waves plug-ins

    Package consists of:

    • 1 x Apogee Duet USB Audio Interface for iPad and Mac
    • 1 x SE Electronics SE2200A II Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic w. Shockmount & Popshield
    • 1 x sE Electronics RF-Space Reflexion Filter
    • 1 x Waves Gold Bundle, Native & Soundgrid
    • 1 x SE Electronics Metal Pop shield with gooseneck

    Apogee Duet USB Audio Interface for iPad and Mac

    The Apogee Duet is on the most popular interfaces around and now works with Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Includes Waves Silver plug-in collection upon registration.

    Apogee Duet is an award-winning audio interface, headphone amp and MIDI interface making it easy to create professional recordings anywhere on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac. With Apogee's legendary digital audio conversion and world-class mic preamps, Duet is the best way to capture your music with incredible dimension and detail.

    The new Duet for iPad and Mac features special circuitry designed to deliver professional performance for iPad use along with low latency USB 2.0 performance for Mac. And with the addition of MIDI I/O you can connect and power a Core MIDI compatible keyboard/controller while using Duet with your iPad or iOS device.

    A Difference You Will Hear
    From the mic preamps to the AD/DA converters and the clocking, Duet is best-in-class and cutting-edge Apogee technology. With components carefully selected in critical listening tests and a highly efficient circuit design, Duet was built by Apogee engineers to make a difference you can hear.

    Pristine, Next Generation AD/DA Converters
    Duet's AD/DA converters are designed to deliver the purest recordings and best listening experience possible. Duet's efficient circuitry and state-of-the-art components provide a simplified signal path resulting in incredibly transparent recordings.

    Smooth, Detailed World-Class Mic Preamps
    Much like the AD/DA converters, Duet's mic preamps feature the latest components and offer seamless click-free transitions as the gain increases and decreases throughout the incredible range of 0-75dB. This unprecedented feature allows you to dial in the perfect level, either with the controller knob or from within software, while delivering ultra-low noise and smooth, crisp detail. Duet's mic pres are suitable for all dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphones, allowing you to capture any sound without compromise.

    Soft Limit for protection from digital overs
    An Apogee technology first introduced in 1992 on Apogee's AD-500 converter, Soft Limit can be heard on countless platinum selling records around the world. Once a technology exclusively reserved for Apogee's most advanced audio converters, Soft Limit is included in Duet and can be enabled in Apogee Maestro software.

    This superior analogue design prevents the digital clipping that causes distortion by instantaneously rounding off transient peaks before they hit the analogue-to-digital converter. Soft Limit allows several more decibels of apparent level to be recorded while subtly providing an analogue-like warmth to the sound.

    Breakout Cable
    Duet's breakout cable includes 2 combination mic/instrument connectors (XLR and 1/4 inch built into a single connector) and 2 balanced 1/4 inch connectors for speakers. The elegant single cable-to-junction design allows for easy cable management and the locking connection to Duet is robust and stylish.

    2 Analogue Inputs
    Duet's 2 combination input connectors (XLR and 1/4 inch) allow you to connect microphones, guitars and keyboards or your favourite external mic preamps, compressors and EQs.

    4 Analogue Outputs
    Duet includes 4 analogue outputs. 2 1/4 inch balanced outputs for connection to speakers or outboard equipment and a separate, independently controlled 1/4 inch stereo headphone output.

    With these 4 outputs it's possible for a DJ to monitor a separate mix in headphones while sending a house mix to the club, a live performer to send a click track to in-ear monitors while sending a backing track to front-of-house, and a recording engineer to send a headphone mix to the performer while dedicating the main outputs to studio monitors.

    Duet provides a single USB MIDI connection for your CoreMIDI compatible keyboard, synth, or DJ controller. This eliminates the need for an external MIDI interface and promotes an all-in-one music creation solution where Duet and Maestro manage all audio and MIDI. On iPad, Duet's MIDI connection allows both Duet and a keyboard or DJ controller to be connected at the same time to the iPad's single dock port.

    Full Colour OLED Display
    The high resolution OLED screen built into Duet's top is the main control centre for Duet, delivering visual feedback for multiple functions including metering, numeric value for input and output levels, input grouping, and phase, muting, phantom power and Soft Limit indication. With this display you know the status of any input and output at any given moment without having to refer to Maestro or your recording software.

    Multi-function Controller Knob
    Along with its sleek aluminium chassis, the multi-function controller knob is one of the most recognisable features of Duet's design. This central control feature allows you to quickly and easily toggle through Duet 2's inputs and outputs and set levels while looking at Duet 2's dynamic OLED display.

    Configurable Touchpads
    Duet also introduces configurable touchpads. The 2 touchpads, located on either side of the encoder knob, allow you to quickly access output functions such as 'Mute Outputs', 'Dim Outputs', 'Sum to Mono' or 'Toggle Headphone Source'. Each are assignable using a drop-down menu within Apogee's new Maestro 2. This unique feature allows you to select the function you want and access it directly from Duet without having to look at software.

    System Requirements

    Mac OS:
    Computer: Intel Mac 1.5GHz or faster
    Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB recommended
    OS: 10.6.8, 10.7.5 or greater
    Connection and power: Any available USB port on a Mac
    USB bus powered, DC power optional
    (DC power supply included)

    iOS version: 5.1.1 or greater
    Connection: 30-pin dock connector
    DC power required (DC power supply included)

    iOS Device Compatibility (Lightning Connector)
    iPod touch (5th generation)
    iPhone 5
    iPad* (4th generation)
    iPad mini
    (Lightning connector not included)

    iOS Device Compatibility (30-Pin Connector)
    iPod touch (4th generation)
    iPhone 4s
    iPhone 4
    iPad (3rd generation)
    iPad 2
    (30 pin connector not included)

    SE Electronics SE2200A II Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic w. Shockmount & Popshield

    sE2200a II Multi-Pattern microphone is the latest in sE Electronics lineage of sE2200 condenser mics dating back to the year 2000, a mic which has been by far the best-selling sE model over the past decade.

    sE2200a II Multi-Pattern uses a hand-crafted, 1 inch gold sputtered diaphragm, based on the original sE 2200a capsule, but a 'back-to-back' version which allows for multiple polar patterns (Cardioid, Figure of 8, Omni). The multi-pattern sE2200a II has been designed in response to feedback from many current 2200a users who love recording with the mic and have asked for a multi-pattern version. The sE2200a II multi-pattern has also been given a face lift with sE's new custom black rubber paint finish, which is both stylish and practical, helping to damp chassis resonance which many competitor microphones suffer from.

    sE Electronics sE2200a II Specifications

    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
    • Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 k ohm: 20 mV/PA
    • Directional Pattern: Cardioid, Omni, Figure-8
    • Impedance: ≤ 200 Ohms
    • Equivalent Noise Level: 16dBA
    • Max SPL for THD 0.5%: 135dB
    • Supply Voltage: Phantom power 48V±4V
    • Connector (Matching): XLR (XLR3F)
    • Weight: 598 g
    • Diameter: 51 mm
    • Length: 215 mm

    sE Electronics RF-Space Reflexion Filter

    The sE Electronics RF-Space Reflexion Filter is the next generation Reflexion Filter and takes portable acoustic space to a new level of performance.

    First, there was Reflexion Filter Pro, the ground-breaking acoustic screen with patented Multi-Layer and Air-Gap technology. After eight years as an industry-standard tool, the RF-Pro is still going strong, but for several years now sE Electronics have been striving to perfect and improve on our own design patent, and now finally, sE Electronics bring you 'SPACE' - Specialised Portable Acoustic Control Environment.

    The concept is simple - to take portable acoustic space to a new level of performance. The execution? Well let's just say no other company has yet even managed to match the performance and success of the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro.

    Creating a well-controlled recording space in a small and portable device is an extremely difficult task. It's an interesting point to note that no other microphone company has, in the eight years that RF Pro has led the way, attempted to recreate such a product.

    All imitation products are simple foam devices, which, according to sE Electronics, do much more harm to your tracking and final mix than any small benefit they may impart. This is due to them removing important high frequencies, while simultaneously failing to improve the very thing they 'claim' to prevent - reflections! Foam simply allows most low and mid frequency information to pass directly through leaving the user with all the same primary reflection issues, but now with loss of high frequency detail. The result? Dull sounding, incoherent tracks and a messy final mix.

    The RF Pro's multiple layers of different materials and air gaps solved this problem for the first time. Now, SPACE takes things to a whole new level. Seven vertical pillars significantly deepen the air gaps internal to the device, whilst simultaneously aiding randomisation of diffusion. In addition to unparalleled isolation, absorption and diffusion, SPACE also boasts new hardware to clamp the device to any microphone stand or drum hardware. Fully adjustable and lockable vertically, horizontally and with tilt function for instrument miking, SPACE is utterly stable, and has truly universal positioning capability.

    Despite the increased size and depth, the use of space-age materials has kept SPACE ultra-lightweight. The result is by far the best Portable Acoustic Control Environment on this planet... or any other!

    Waves Gold Bundle, Native & Soundgrid

    The industrys most popular plugin bundle, Waves Gold brings a wealth of mixing and mastering power to your studio, including many of their most sought-after plugins.Waves Gold includes many of their most sought-after plugins such as the legendary L1 Ultramaximizer, C4 Multiband Compressor, H-Comp, and H-Delay, as well as key newer additions such as Vitamin Sonic Enhancer. With compression, EQ, reverb, and more, Waves Gold contains all the essentials you need to take your mixes to the next level.

    Waves Gold System Requirements

    CPU: Core Duo 2.3Ghz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Operating System: 10.7 - 10.10.3
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Operating System: Windows 7 with SP1 | Windows 8 - 8.1
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 32-bit

    Waves is supplied as a serial number. Content download is required.

    SE Electronics Metal Pop shield with gooseneck

    The sE Electronics Metal Pop Shield helps reduce breath noise and plosives when recording.
    The unique metal screen is not simply perforated but louvered at a slight angle to redirect ultra-low frequency breath blasts to the side of the screen. This process does not attenuate high frequencies, as do fabric screens, and leaves the vocal performance unaffected, without annoying low frequency 'pops'.

    This popshield also sports a gooseneck allowing precise positioning of the screen.

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